Hi, my name is Leo. I am a part time summer employee at Seasons L.A.. This is a photo of myself at Camp Pendelton, San Diego California in 1999. Here they have a youth program that last ten days. Thanks to my boss Rick and the youth program at Seasons LA, I have gained many experiences over the summer. The most particular one i like, is the ability to use a computer at the Seasons L.A. warehouse. I can process orders, print reciepts, do shipping(and of course play games when the boss is not around). I even had the challange to help up-grade their computers this summer. That was neat. Thanks Seasons L.A. for being a member of the community!
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I am Alfredo Herrera
My name is Alfredo. I am in the youth program at Seasons L.A. for my second year in a row. This weekend of 04-15-2000, i went to Lake Isabella in Bakersfield California with the warehouse senior advisor and my friend Jose.
Hi! My name is Jose
My name is Jose. I live in the Greater Los Angeles area. I am a friend of Alfredo. He introduced me to the youth program at Seasons L.A.. Am i glad i joined! I went with him and Rick this weekend. I have never jet-skied before. Wow! It was fun. Rick says in no time i will be on a knee board. I look forward to it. Thanks Alfredo and Seasons L.A..
Jose and Alfredo on the rocks
Alfredo and Jose on the jet-ski
Jose and Alfredo close up
Seasons L.A., a member of our community...
Seasons L.A.... making a differance in the world we live in.
investing in tomorrows future... todays youth.
Leo is now pursuing a career with the Los Angeles Police Department.
Good Luck Leo! (and be careful) We admire one who serves their community.

Alfredo is a Happy Father.
Congratulations Alfredo! We wish the best to your new found family.

Oh my! Still chasing girls around. (c'mon Jose, lock one in)