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You can now send money to anyone with an email address(U.S. ONLY)! FREE!
Use your Visa, Mastercard, Checking Account, PIN Number, Visa Check Card
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PayPal is Easy
Sending money is as easy as sending email. Just log in to your PayPal account and choose Send Money. Enter your friend's email address and the dollar amount. She/He will receive an email informing of the payment and can register at to claim their money.

PayPal is Fast
The transaction takes only a few seconds to complete and the recipient is instantly credited with the money.

PayPal is Free
Pay Pal's electronic payment service is completely free. No charge what so      ever to either party! This helps keep E-commerece purchases at Seasons L.A. low.

PayPal is Secure
All transactions are conducted through our secure servers, which are protected behind state-of-the-art firewalls.

PayPal is Private
Your financial information, such as credit card and bank account numbers, is kept private and the only personal information the recipient sees is your name and email address.

PayPal is
The number one web site auction payment system of users choice.

PayPal is Guaranteed
Buyers who pay with PayPal are protected by's Buyer Protection Guarantee. If you purchase an item from a Verified Seller and do not receive your purchased goods, you are entitled to a full refund of the purchase amount up to $5000 per year. You may check the verification status of a Seller by clicking the Verification Seal (on the top right of this page) before you Send Money. The Buyer Protection Guarantee applies whether you pay with a credit card, checking account, or funds in your PayPal acount.

Sending money is fast, free and secure with PayPal ! It's fun and safe.
We accept payment through's PayPal!
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We accept's PayPal. I'm VERIFIED! Buyer Protection is guaranteed. CLICK TO VERIFY
You may have been asked to visit us here to make a payment via PayPal. PayPal is our official payment system. It helps us keep our cost down, which is past on to our customers. Let us take a quick sec to let you know, ALL payments via PayPal are confidential and information given is NOT shared with any 3rd party. PayPal is a secure site with 128 bit encryption. If you pay with your Visa or MasterCard on line, you have a zero liablity in the event something un-likely goes wrong. Read here for more information on Visa Zero Liability. Here for MasterCards Zero Liability. Enough said, let's get started.

Simply click on the PayPal Logo below to send your paymet. Just fill in the amount to be sent to us, and in the Special Instructions Box, please give us a brief description of your order along with your telephone number, it's quick and simpler than you may think....
Please contact us if you have any questions or need help ordering?
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